Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight


I was introduced to Pilates in my late 20s after years of recurring, dance-related back pain. My body responded so well to the work that I immediately enrolled in a teacher training. One week into that training I crashed my bike and slipped a disc - learning to teach Pilates while injured was an enormous, though painful,  gift that has greatly impacted my work with clients and approach to injury rehabilitation.


I have been teaching since 2006, including 5 years running a small somatic arts space in Oakland. I am grateful to have trained and later worked with Nora St. Jean and Naomi Leiserson at Turning Point Studios. Their skillful transmission of the Dance Medicine lineage, coupled with the years I spent working in a chiropractic clinic supporting clients during acute injury, were foundational to my teaching.

I have additional certifications in Pilates for Scoliosis from Karen Clippinger and Perinatal Pilates from Stephanie Forster, and an MFA in Dance from CU Boulder.


My approach to Pilates is non-traditional, incorporating principles from a wide range of complementary modalities (Axis Syllabus, Alexander Technique, Fascial Movement Training, the Franklin Method, Yamuna Body Rolling, Bartenieff Fundamentals, Feldenkrais Method, hatha yoga, and neurology, to name a few - I am a perpetual student.) And I am constantly sourcing the body wisdom gained from years of dance training.


Outside the Pilates studio, I am also a grain-free baking aficionado, independent dance artist, mama, yogini, and nervous newbie surfer. I look forward to our work together!

Conditions I have worked with are numerous and include:

Disc bulges & herniations



Frozen shoulder

Parkinson's Disease


Plantar Fasciitis

Diastasi Recti

Joint replacements

Labral tears

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


SI dysfunction


Low-back pain


Muscle strains & tears

Baker's Cyst

Post-abdominal surgery


Leg-length difference


Fused vertebrae


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