Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight


Sundays 10-11am, PST

Pilates on the Roll

The foam roller is my absolute favorite Pilates prop - it adds challenge, variation, and fun to the Pilates repertoire. Using the foam roller, this playful Pilates class will incorporate stability and mobility challenges in all the planes of movement while adding myofascial release to your workout. Increased proprioception (knowledge of where your body is in space) is the cherry on top! Pilates on the Roll serves up a delicious, fine-tuning movement experience that will leave you feeling longer, stronger, looser, and more integrated. All levels welcome. (You will need a 36" foam roller.)

$0-25 Sliding scale, NOTAFLOF

Mermaid on the foam roller - a delicious opening for the side body that strengthens the connection between arms and core.

Mondays 9-10am, PST

Intermediate/Advanced Mat (with props!)

Join me to explore Joseph Pilates' intermediate and advanced repertoire. In this class we will approach the material with a sense of curiosity and creative license, blending the traditional exercises with ideas from a variety of somatic practices. We will make use of a variety of props for maximum fun. This class is appropriate for mostly injury-free bodies with at least two years of regular Pilates practice. Come ready to challenge yourself! 

$0-25 Sliding scale, NOTAFLOF

Side plank variation - fantastic isometric strengthening for obliques, shoulders, arms, back and deep abdominals.

Wednesdays & Fridays 9-10am, PST

All Bodies Pilates

This open-level class is appropriate for healthy bodies of all ages and movement backgrounds. We will tend to the body from head to toe, with special attention to the breath and functional movement patterns. Class often includes 

flowing sequences that get our breath moving and our hearts pumping, always emphasizing mindfulness and efficiency in the movement. All Bodies Pilates is welcoming to all and designed to provide a safe and nourishing full-body workout. Classes ares offered through Shawl Anderson Dance Center - the link below will take you to their site where you will be asked to create an account before signing up.

Drop-in $16, class cards available.

Down dog and plank variations stretch hamstrings and calves, open up the superficial back line, train alignment, increase strength in arms, shoulders, and core, and they feel so good!

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