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Flock in Flight
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​"I love working out with Jessica, she is gentle and patient and fun to workout with. Jessica is very knowledgeable when it comes to how the body functions and she has helped me fix what was wrong with mine. Her classes are tailored to my needs… With Jessica, I have been able to work out through my injuries and make it all better."

-Clara, Comedian & Writer



"My experience and knowledge about Pilates was very limited and I was unsure of what to expect. Working out in the past for me included weights, martial arts, and cross fit so I was somewhat skeptical about what Pilates could do for me. I also have had many injuries over the years, from broken bones, bulging discs in my neck and back and shoulder tears so I was looking for low impact exercises.

I began going to Jessica Damon and found an immediate comfort with her and her approach. She is a very warm and caring person and is great to work with. She is very detailed in her step by step approach, explaining even the smallest movements to achieve the best results. Through isolation of core, arm and leg muscles combined with flexibility training, I am impressed that not only do I feel better but I have better posture and am more limber. She is aware of body mechanics and form and I have been very happy going to see her week in and week out."

-Paolo, Commercial Contractor


"Jessica is the most gifted pilates teacher I have ever worked with. She has an exceptional understanding of anatomy and body mechanics, and never loses sight of how specific exercises relate to the body as a whole. She is skilled at problem solving around injuries and working to recover injured areas, and also has keen insight into underlying imbalances that may be contributing to more acute issues. My favorite thing about her teaching is the clear and creative imagery she uses to describe movements. Under her instruction I feel and understand my muscular actions and skeletal structures so profoundly. I've tried repeating phrases she has used in class to myself at home, but it's never the same! "

-Juliana, Dancer & Teacher


"Jessica is a kind and intuitive pilates teacher. I was relieved to find someone who really listened to my body's needs. She has helped me strengthen my core and find new ways of stretching to alleviate tension. Jessica is a wise woman who is super knowledgeable about the body. I have been to several pilates teachers and she is no doubt one of the best!"

-Jenny,  Astrologer


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