Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight

What's that? Free classes you say? For folks unable to attend my live classes I am happy to offer virtual class recordings to stream from home on demand. Join me from my cozy movement space for an hour (or many!) of Pilates-based self-care. Scroll down or click the links below.




Want to contribute to the cause of free Pilates for all? You can find me on Venmo @wingspanmovement or on PayPal at Donations are greatly appreciated.


All Bodies Pilates

These classes are appropriate for all levels of mostly healthy bodies. Props are occasionally used and can generally be found around the house. Yoga mat, comfortable clothes and a commitment to self-care recommended.


All Bodies Flow

A little more vigorous than my All Bodies Pilates classes, these classes are still appropriate for most able-bodied, non-injured movers. Flow classes incorporate continuously moving sequences, inspired by yoga vinyasa, and provide a full-bodied workout. You might break a sweat!


Pilates on the Roll

These foam roller classes move a little more slowly than the All Bodies classes but with the added challenge of stability work. Using a 36' foam roller we play with core stabilization, fascial movement, balance, proprioception, roller self-massage and general strengthening. Suitable for both beginners and experienced movers.