Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight
Flock in Flight

Unable to attend my live classes? Virtual class recordings are now available to stream from home on demand. Join me from my cozy movement space for an hour (or many!) of Pilates-based self-care. More classes added weekly. These offerings are currently free of charge - if you'd like to make a donation you can find me on Venmo @wingspanmovement or on PayPal at Enjoy!

All Bodies Pilates - Continuous Flow

No props needed in this vigorous all-levels class. We will take our time to warm-up starting with our feet and will move into a a breathy, continuously flowing practice that will leave you feeling long, strong, and invigorated.

Pilates on the Roll - Spa Day

Take an hour for self care on the foam roller. This all levels class progresses from standing to quadruped work to balance on the roller and all the way down to the floor. It's 2020 - we all need a spa day! Prop required: 36" foam roller

Intermediate Mat - Legs, Arms, Abs, Oh My!

Begin with a gentle spinal warmup that includes undulation and rotation, then progress to standing leg and arm work. We'll move to the mat for deep core, backline, and glute activation. Prop required: light or medium resistance band

All Bodies Pilates - Stirring the Soup

Focus on joint movement and articulation. This class includes variations inspired by standing work on the Pilates Reformer and flowing movement between all fours and standing. Props required: hand towel, and if on carpet, a paper plate or tupperware lid.

Pilates on the Roll - Push, Pull, Lengthen, Strengthen

This all levels class incorporates stability, mobility, spinal articulation, myofascial release, and strength through concentric, eccentric, and isometric muscular activation. A delicious  all-around treatment for your body. Prop required: 36" foam roller

All Bodies Pilates - Hips Don't Lie

In this all levels, no props class we will awaken and mobilize the joints, paying special attention to articulating the hips in multiple planes of movement. You will leave this class feeling centered in your core and free in your pelvis. Who doesn't like that?.

All Bodies Pilates - Try it with a Twist

Pilates on the Roll - Wind and Unwind

Pilates on the Roll - Loose Legs, Strong Spine

This all-levels foam roller class tends to the length, strength and alignment of the legs - backs, sides, and fronts - while building deep support through the body's core. Give your body some much-deserved self -care. Prop required: 36" foam roller

All Bodies Pilates - Connecting to Core

This slightly slower-paced class emphasizes accessing deep core engagement within the Pilates exercises. Our focused work with the TVA (the deepest abdominal muscle) creates an intense experience of core activation. Great for those newer to this work.

Intermediate Mat - Flowing through the Classics

This briskly moving class covers much of Joseph Pilates' intermediate material, with added periods of flow and emphasis on spinal articulation. With lots of push-ups and plank variations scattered throughout, this is a challenging full-bodied class.

All Bodies Pilates - Move and Unwind

This is one of my Wednesday flows, a vigorous and continuously moving mat class incorporating joint articulation, spinal undulation, and dynamic rotation. Alleviate stress and prepare your body for the day ahead. No props required.

All Bodies Pilates - Just Move(d)

I taught this class the morning after a 14 hour moving day - it includes all the pieces I crave when needing to reset a sore body, with special attention to the shoulders, hips, and back. A gentle all-levels class good for any day, but especially moving day.

This foam roller class incorporates stability in multiple planes to activate our core. Myofascial release for the legs and upper torso brings us back into balance. A delicious waking up and ironing out of the muscles and fascia. Prop required: 36" foam roller.

All Bodies Pilates - Solstice Spirals

Pilates on the Roll - Dancing Around the Midline

How are balance and alignment more accessible when we choose to move from a core orientation rather than in response to peripheral inputs? How can this impact our bodies and lives? Join me on the foam roller as we explore the potency of the midline.

Intermediate Mat - Monkey Flows

Flow from challenging standing sequences, inspired by "monkey" from Alexander Technique, to traditional Pilates exercises, interspersed with playful variations that incorporate spinal rotation and articulation. balances, and oblique variations.

All Bodies Pilates - Joints Alight

Slowly bring movement to all the major joints before engaging hip stability in a speed skater standing series, then flowing into full bodied sequencing and core activation. Prop required - hand towel (if on wood) or paper plate/tupperware lid (if on carpet).

All Bodies Pilates - New Year's Flows

Join me in this New Year's Day class where we explore a little of what's old and a little of what's new. We'll move from the ground up through a series of mini-flows - a delicious fine-tuning and reset for a new day or a new year. No props required.

 Pilates on the Roll - Awakening the Backline

Starting at the base of the skull we roll down the back body, adding

in spinal flexion, extension and rotation. Activate obliques with side balancing and diagonal rollups, open legs with myofascial release, and sprinkle in a little Wild Thing! Prop required: 36" foam roller.

Intermediate Mat - One Side, Two Sides

Explore bilateral support in breathing, balance, and structural integrity. Find your hip joint before moving into dynamic pathways, blended with exercises like teaser, corkscrew, bananas and side plank variations. Props: hand towel or paper plate

Intermediate Mat - Remixing the Classics

This challenging, no props class takes us on a journey through much of Joseph Pilates' intermediate and advanced mat material, with a flowing warm-up and a few variations mixed in. Not for the faint of heart!

All Bodies Pilates - Go With the Flow

Warm yourself thoroughly from the toes on up: this class includes challenges for the legs in standing work, deep abdominal activation, lots of spinal articulation, and culminates in a strong flowing sequence and final integration.

All Bodies Pilates - Crossing Midline

Cross-lateral movement is essential for brain development in children, balance and coordination in adults, and the ability to remain spry in older age. Explore crossing the midline in this all levels class that includes cross-legged standing flows and more.

Pilates on the Roll - Finding the Bones

Orient to your skeletal structure as we move through upper back opening, core strengthening, balance challenges, and myofascial release. Moving from the bones encourages efficient, intelligent movement. Let's roll together! Prop required: 36" foam roller

Intermediate Mat - Centered for Your Day

This intermediate class includes a little bit of all that is good... flowing movement, balance challenges, core stability, myofascial release, abdominal work, chest and shoulder opening, and quiet attention to alignment. Prop required: 36" foam roller

All Bodies Pilates - Focus on Pelvic Floor

This well-rounded class explores healthy pelvic floor activation and how to include this with abdominal work. We'll also release those tight necks and shoulders. Props required: strap and yoga block, blanket, or firm cushion to elevate your hips.

Pilates on the Roll - Focus on Thoracic Mobility

Roll, balance, rotate and bend your way into more freedom and ease in the spine (and thus, the rest of you!) This all-levels class will move your spine every which way, incorporating both fascial movement and release work. Prop required: 36" foam roller

No props are required in this all levels mat class. We will open and release our necks, shoulders and hips in preparation for dynamic twisting variations in multiple planes of movement. A challenging full-bodied class.

Mobilize your spine and activate your center through all planes of movement. This is a dynamic class that includes lots of juicy rotation, core stabilization, and myofascial release on the foam roller. Prop required: 36" foam roller

Pilates on the Roll - Stabilize to Mobilize

Intermediate Mat - Let's Roll

This briskly-paced class gets us rolling in multiple orientations - up and down the spine, standing on one leg or two, through the vertebrae in hand and feet bearing, side to side on our backs, and more. Work hard while exploring spinal articulation and balance.

An invigorating class of spirals in honor of the Winter Solstice. We

journey from backs to all fours, bellies and feet, finally integrating it all with a full-bodied, vinyassa-like flow. Join this celebration of renewal in our bodies and in the world any day of the year.

All Bodies Pilates - Making Space

Invite movement and therefore energy into all the joints of the body, replacing stagnation with flow and condensation with expansion. In this moderately paced class we'll stir up the joints bringing movement, length, and dynamic presence to the body.

All Bodies Pilates - Pelvic Sense

Sense where your pelvis lives in space, moving from quiet supine explorations to dynamic standing flows. We'll warm up slowly, taking time to notice, then ramp to a vigorous flow connecting all the pieces. Prop suggested: yoga block or stack of books.

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