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This page features a rotating selection of free mat classes for your movement pleasure. Most are close to 60 minutes in length. Choose from: 

  • All Bodies Pilates - somatically oriented Pilates classes, great for newbies and experienced practitioners alike

  • All Bodies Flow - slightly sweatier offerings that include vinyasa-inspired flowing sequences, recommended for mostly injury-free movers

  • Pilates on the Roll - creative Pilates classes that include myofascial releasing (you'll need a 36" foam roller)

  • Intermediate Flow - a flowing class that is a step-up in level and intensity from All Bodies Flow


Want to support free Pilates for all? Your donations for class are welcome!

Venmo @wingspanmovement or PayPal

Video Library

Welcome! Grab your mat and join me for an hour of nourishing movement.

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